New Carbon Cleaning Adapters M54 + 4GRE Engines!

We’ve been working on a couple new Carbon Intake cleaner designs and just release them a couple days ago. If you have a BMW with a M54 engine or a Lexus or Toyota with the 4GRE engine we have adapters for you!

The M54 engine although not direct inject could always benefit from a good valve cleaning. Our adapter allows you to do a full walnut blast on your vehicle. And if you’re an auto mechanic.. This adapter opens up a mecca of cars for your to service. The M54 engine is in tons or models of BMWs from 2000 to 2006 and you can service any of them with this new adapter.

Common vehicles with the M54 engine:


· 2000–2006 E46 320i, 320Ci

· 2000–2003 E39 520i

· 2000–2002 E36/7 Z3 2.2i

· 2003–2005 E85 Z4 2.2i

· 2003–2005 E60/E61 520i


· 2000–2002 E36/7 Z3 2.5i

· 2000–2006 E46 325i, 325xi, 325Ci

· 2000–2004 E46/5 325ti

· 2000–2004 E39 525i

· 2003–2005 E60/E61 525i, 525xi

· 2003–2006 E83 X3 2.5i

· 2002–2005 E85 Z4 2.5i


· 2000–2006 E46 330i, 330xi, 330Ci

· 2000–2004 E39 530i

· 2000–2002 E36/7 Z3 3.0i

· 2003–2005 E60 530i

· 2002–2005 E85 Z4 3.0i

· 2003–2006 E83 X3 3.0i

· 2000–2006 E53 X5 3.0i

· 2002–2005 E65/E66 730i, 730Li

· 2000–2002 Wiesmann MF 30

Along with the BMW we just released the Lexus and Toyota 4GRE adapter opening up another great path of serviceable direct inject engines that can help you satisfy the needs of your automotive clients.

Common vehicles with the 4GRE engine:

· 2003 Toyota Crown Royal & Athlete (GRS180/181)(Japan)

· 2004 Toyota Mark X (GRX120/125) (Japan)

· 2005-2013 Lexus IS 250 (GSE20/25)

· 2008 Toyota Crown Royal & Athlete (GRS200/201) (Japan)

· 2009–present Toyota Mark X (GRX130/135) (Japan)

· 2009-2015 Lexus IS 250C (GSE20)

· 2012–2015 Lexus GS 250

· 2012–present Toyota Crown Royal (Japan)

· 2013–2015 Lexus IS 250 (GSE30/35)

We’ll be working on more adapters as the year progresses.. In the meantime if we don’t have a carbon cleaning adapter you may need feel free to reach out and we’ll get one created for you.

As always thank you for considering 3Denton Auto for your next project.

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