Passion for cars from an early age.

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

We've been into cars for years and even as a young Vietnam Army enlistee you can see that Henry Denton Jr. was truly a passionate individual for vehicles.

Henry Denton Jr, visiting his parents at the campground while he was enlisted in the Army

Passion & Experience is Key!

Through our passion comes a devotion to get everything right. We know that no one is 100% perfect, but as you can see we leverage the expertise of our Owner Henry Denton Jr, Vietnam Army Veteran, stock car drive, and Mechanic who has over 40yrs in the automotive industry that we tap into to help design and sell the highest quality FDM manufactured products possible.

As you'll find through out blog series we journal all the past experience of our team and how they collectively combine to form 3Denton Auto & US Vet Designs. Through our individual expertise we have be able to come up with a group of curated products that are serve everyday automotive needs with an emphasis on quality and affordability.

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