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DIY decarbonize your engine - (Updated!)

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

So you've hit that point where your car is starting to feel a little sluggish or what of your automotive clients have come to your shop complaining of poor engine performance or even the dreaded check engine light. Upon inspection you see that your O2 Sensor or normal tune-up job has turned into a little more time consuming process when you realize that the engine has a good amount of carbon built up on the intake valves. What's that team? Basically you're going to need to make a few hard life choices.. 1. Try some of that miracle juice at your local Walmart or Auto Store and pray it actually cleans some of the carbon, without draining any of the dreaded liquid into your engine. Use Seafoam and hope your not passing un-burnt carbon through your engine. Or do it the right way and take your time and do an engine thanking Walnut Blast job on your intake valves, make them all nice and purty again and show everyone why your car was the beast it once was.