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Intake Port Vacuum Adapter for Walnut Blasting for BMW engines N20 N54 N55 - Commonly found on BMW 535i 335i x5 x6 135i and various other models between 2006 to today.

(Not sure which engine is in your car.. Check the list at the bottom of this Description to verify.)

This is a vacuum adapter for walnut blasting the intake port of your N20 N54 N55 equipped BMW. This will help restore your BMW 335i horsepower and bring that BMW Twin Turbo back to life. When you compare the N54 vs N55 engine you really will quickly find out that you’ll need this toolset regardless of engine to bring them back to life. Our tool will last multiple uses in real-world tests and if you have a Direct Inject BMW you’ll find you will commonly need to do this procedure about every 40 to 60k miles.

You’ve probably tried fuel injector cleaner or for your motor but the engine is still running poorly. Installing performance fuel injectors isn’t going to cut it. You need a method that will remote carbon build up and get your direct fuel engine back in shape. You’ll need this tool to give you a clean method of carbon build up removal from your intake valves on your BMW. Along with this you’ll want to pickup a harbor frieght walnut blaster to give you the cheapest combination of tools to get the job done.
In short, get your intake valves cleaned right, a tune-up or fuel injector cleaner isn’t going to do the job, you need the tools and process to clean your setup properly with a Walnut Blaster Adapter.

If you're wondering what that is, here's a procedure: www-e90post-com/forums/showthread.php?t=682116


You don't have to have the media blaster mentioned in the post--you can modify any cheap sandblaster to work: www-bimmerforums-com/forum/showthread.php?1881774-DIY-N54-Intake-Valve-Walnut-Blasting


The outlet is sized roughly for a 1 1/4" shop-vac hose, and the hole is sized for 1/8" black pipe. Depending on your application you may want to use duct tape or rubber hose and clamps to help secure your hose to the adapter.

    BMW 335i 535 N54 N55 Short Intake Valve Carbon Cleaner Walnut Blasting Adapter