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Have a shop? Tired of not having the right tools for the job and seeing a massive increase in Direct Injection Problems coming in? Then you need our Direct Injection intake valve port Carbon Walnut Blaster Cleaner Adapter Mechnic Set. This set of 9 of our Carbon Cleaning Vacuum adapters in 1 large purchase. And with this adapter set you’ll be able to provide Direct Injection Carbon Cleaning Services for 120 different automobiles. Giving you the ability to greatly increase your revenue stream for your shop.
If you were to buy these individually these would cost you over $260 total but with Mechanic’s Set we are offering a massive discount to jump start your new revenue stream. (Which I’m discounting the set by 26% over my list on these adapters individually.)



You recieve the following:
  • 1 - Hyundai Adapter for 4 Cylinder GDI Engine
  • 1 - Mazda Adapter for Mazdaspeed3 & CX-7
  • 1 - Chevy Adapter for the Chevy/GMC 3.6 v6
  • 1 - Mini Cooper Adapter for R56/R55/R57/N14 Engines
  • 1 - VW Adapter for the Golf GTI MK6
  • 1 - VW/Audi Adapter for FSI Engines
  • 1 - Toyota/Lexus Adapter
  • 1 - Nissan/Infiniti Adapter for 5.6 Nissan Engines
  • 1 - BMW Adapter for N54 N20 N55 Engines



Have customers that have cars which are performing poorly, having direct injection problems, getting an engine misfire, having engine problems or are looking to get rid of there "Reduced Power" messages?   Then you are in luck! This Mechanic's tool set allows you to adapt a Shop Vacuum to start walnut shell blasting those intake valves on your customer's rides and get them back into shape to be the fine running beast they once had..


They have probably tried fuel injector cleaner or for their motor but the engine