A-1 Auto Service a Father & Son Business

One thing is true, business always evolve themselves and find new names, new strategies and continue to evolve what they do. This is the same with 3Denton Auto, back in the day we were all about car repair and your typical automotive business. But hey, it's the 2010's baby, and though we all still love to pull the car up under a shade tree and start tinkering, we figured theres a need for us to supply our expertise we've gained over 50yrs in the automotive business to the shops around the world.

What you find is our internationally know business 3Denton Auto by US Vet Designs.. We've focused on how we can help solve common tasks, problems, and needs of the automotive DIY'er and the large and small mechanic. Therefore we combined forces again, myself (Justin Denton) as the technical computer expert with over 20+yrs in the computer and education industry with my father (Henry Denton Jr.) the automotive veteran, Vietnam Vet Mechanic, Multi-Championship winning stock car drive, and 50yr+ automotive expert.

Me and my Dad back in the late 80's or early 90's at A-1 Auto Service.

What you get is 3Denton Auto by US Vet Designs, where we've spend much of our effort brainstorming over coffee's at Dunkin Donuts to trials and tribulations in the garage. We've turned in the 9 to 5 automotive repair business and truly have focused on building solutions for the masses leveraging our experience and combining out passion for the automotive industry with our skills in computer technology.

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