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All of our Adapters So Far in 1 Set! 173+ Vehicles Serviced!

Updated: Mar 4

We have consolidated all our previously created adapters into a single comprehensive set, which enables you to service a greater number of cars than ever before. This set comprises of 13 diverse adapters that are compatible with more than 173 types of vehicles, making it an unparalleled deal at this price point.

As we continue to create more adapters for the ever-expanding variety of Direct Inject engines, we will regularly update and add them to this set. However, if you require a specific adapter or a smaller set, please check out our stock to find the most suitable adapter for your needs.

To view our eBay listing, please visit:

You receive the adapters for the below engines:

• 1 - Hyundai Adapter for 4 Cylinder GDI Engine

• 1 - Mazda Adapter for Mazdaspeed3 & CX-7

• 1 - Chevy Adapter for the Chevy/GMC 3.6 v6

• 1 - Mini Cooper Adapter for R56/R55/R57/N14 Engines

• 1 - VW Adapter for the Golf GTI MK6

• 1 - VW/Audi Adapter for FSI Engines

• 1 - Toyota/Lexus Adapter

• 1 - Nissan/Infiniti Adapter for 5.6 Nissan Engines

• 1 - BMW Adapter for N54 N20 N55 Engines

* 1 - Ford Ecoboost 2.0L Carbon Cleaning Adapter

* 1 - Chevy EcoTech i4 2.4L

* 1 - Ford EcoBoost 3.5L

* 1 - Chevy 5.3L & 6.0L Eco Adapter

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