Got a Shop? You need the Tools!

Have a shop or just have a massive amount of cars in your garage, yard or in the street with Direct Inject Engines? This Kit is what you need! This Carbon Intake kit allows you for on over 120 different vehicles, across multiple manufacturers (Including Nissan, Mazda, Chevy, BMW, Toyota, Lexus, VW, Audi, Mini, ETC.) Check out our eBay listing at: to get further details on this setup.

If you were to buy these individually these would cost you over $260 total but with Mechanic’s Set we are offering a massive discount to jump start your new revenue stream. (Which I’m discounting the set by 26% over my list on these adapters individually.)

Give yourself the ability to greatly increase your revenue stream for your shop and decrease the amount of time it takes to clean intake valves.

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