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Happy Motoring everyone!..

We got the beast running and we’re going on a road trip.. As you can imagine we love our cars just as much as you do and we’re taking ours on a quick road trip. Aka.. Time for a Vacation.

Soon we too will be on holiday road....

Don’t worry although we’ll be gone, we will be still accepting orders and shipping all of them out when we return. It may be a short delay but we are always here to get your cars back up and running like ours. We’ll be gone from 4/19 thru 4/28 and returning on 4/29 to kick back up the operations. Don't worry, we will periodically check-in from time to time while we're out to answer questions during this time, but will not be shipping products until we return. Once we return we’ll have all orders shipped out the week of 4/29. Thanks again for your business and we hope you have similar “road trips” planned in the future as well.

Also, when we return we will be kicking off with a BRAND NEW PRODUCT LINE that is sure to amaze those interested in self-maintenance of their own vehicles or if you own an auto repair. - Stay Tuned

As always thank you for your business.

Justin Denton

3Denton Auto by US Vet Designs

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