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We're BACK!! - Straight outta Vacation!

Yes, we've been back for a week now, but we've been hard at work catching up on production and back orders so we can get everything back on track. We've gotten all our orders back into real-time production and we are ready to rock and roll!.. It was a very awesome Vacation! We went on a road trip down to the Gulf of Mexico to view some pretty awe inspiring sites as well as to even see some of our very own Denton Family and the history they've made over the years as being active veterans in the military.

Obviously on our trip we had to hit the first rest area as we crossed over from Tennessee over into Alabama. First time we were able to see a space shuttle in real life.. Albeit a replica it was to scale and it was MASSIVE!

After that the next day we were down in Pensacola, FL and had to stop by and check out Fort Pickens and salute our fallen soldiers!

2 of the 3 Denton's.. Grandpa stayed back at home.

From Fort Pickens off in the distance we were able to see the Blue Angels do there practice runs and had the pleasure to be buzzed by one of the Blue Angels while we were watching from the Tower on Fort Pickens. (Video Below)

Because this was a family trip we wanted to make the most of it so we hit a few other stops along the way including going to the Navy Air Base where the Blue Angels are housed.

Naval Museum - Pensacola, FL

This is one of the most impressive totally free museums you can go to. Just remember to go through the right gate and also remember you are on a real military base so act appropriately.

After cruising the Naval Base the next day we made our way over to Mobile, AL to see the USS Alabama Battleship.. If you've never done this you need to, the battleship is MASSIVE.. No words can really describe how big a battleship is until you actually visit and get on one. And the one in Mobile is pretty much full access to every floor.

USS Alabama - Mobile, AL

While we were there, it was a great honor to find that we ourselves were on a vessel that also carried other Denton family members. As you can see my son was a little in shock when we came across on the USS Alabama a fellow Denton who had their own quarters on the ship.

While we were outside there is also a memorial for those who served in the Korean War and again my Son is honored to see yet another member of the Denton lineage who served in the Korean War.

Robert Denton - Korean War Vet

As we completed our road trip we also did quite a few other fun activities, road go karts, went to New Orleans, etc.. But one thing stands true as we completed this trip my son is starting to realize just how many of the Denton family truly were in our armed services.. Not only was my father Henry Denton in the Army and served during Vietnam.. But his father was in the Navy and served in World War 2.. And my fathers Brother Ronnie served in the US Marines. And so many other generations before them and with them.

Its great to feel the sense of pride and taking on my own fathers focus from the US Army MotorPool in Vietnam and his passion for cars which has led us to collaborate together and for 3Denton Auto by US Vet Designs.

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