We've always been inventive in business

When it comes to family and being entrepreneurs we have always had a passion for starting up businesses and seeing how we can best serve our clients. Since I was young I had spent time working on cars in my dad's auto repair along running my own baseball card shop out of the front office between waiting on customers for the auto repair I was spending time selling sports cards to the community.

Justin Denton at age 11 turned his hobby into a business.

From the picture above you can see that not only did I have plenty of sports memorabilia in the office a the shop but there was always that hint of "your in an auto shop" feel as you can see behind me there were still various automotive fluids on the shelves behind the counters of the sports card shop.

And when business closed for the day, my dad would clean off the drive-on car lift and let me further my passion for computers by tearing down computers on the car lifts in the middle of the garage. I was always fascinated by computer technology as a young child since I was in grade school to now I continue to have a desire to do anything and everything with technology. These moments in the garage allowed me to tear down various old computers we had purchased from the State of Illinois surplus auction and attempt my hand at rebuilding them and making them functional again. I learned the inner workings of computers, what the various hard drive types were at the time (MFM, IDE, ATA). To learning how to get my first network up and running using a set of Lan-tastic lan adapters I saved up for with my sport card business profits.

Combining this experience of automotive, business and technology and partnering with my father on how we can further adapt my technology background and his automotive background to make a business where we can further enhance the offerings to the community is what we do now. Along with this we are bringing the interest of my son's into the picture with my youngest suffering from "Video Game Addiction". ;) Like so many others, we're teaching him many of the principals I learned over the years on how hard work and dedication to a craft can truly benefit the community and help others.

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